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MALAYSIA PES MODDING: David Beckham short hair

Friday, December 25, 2009

David Beckham short hair

Before start with this tutorial, you need to download this

1) Open the program that you have just downloaded.
2) Once it loaded, it'll ask you for you PES 2010 EDIT data.
3) Navigate to (My Documents => KONAMI => Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 => save ) and choose the PES2010_EDIT.bin
4) Select England from the dropdown menu and double click on Beckham.

5) Than, you'll getlike the image below. Look at the red rounded area and make sure the mode is in Special. If not, change it. Now, click on "relink" button.

6) Change the Relink mode to "Only hair". Now, search for Robinson and click on "Relink".

7) Now, click on accept and save your change from (File => Save). You can make backup of PES2010_EDIT.bin

This is what you'll get. Robinsan hair is same as David Beckham hair. Take a look.

You can use this tutorial to change any player hair in PES 2010 with any player in the game.

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